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Rock Oil GRO-75W-90-4L

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Rock Oil GRO-75W-90-4L

GRO Racing Gear Oil

GRO is a synthetic, advanced formulation, motorcycle gearbox oil covering the 10W-40 or 75W-90 viscosity range.

Designed to reduce friction and protect over a wide temperature range, GRO can operate from as low as 30C through to the heat of racing whilst affording maximum anti wear protection and correct clutch lubrication (where used with an oil immersed clutch).


The following features make GRO an ideal choice for modern compact high power, high load multi speed gearbox applications.

Low viscosity

Excellent thermal stability

Superior resistance to oxidation

Typical Physical Characteristics

Viscosity Grade SAE          10W-40, SAE 75W-90

Density @15C                     0.873

Viscosity @ 40C                  96.5 cSt

Viscosity @ 100C               14.0 cSt

Viscosity Index                    148

Appearance                        Clear green liquid

Product Code                      06190

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